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LIMITED TIME ONLY Free Double or Large Single Sink a $225 Value!

60+ sqft kitchen minimum

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    Granite Brothers Provide HQ Countertops, Vanity Tops, Sinks, Cabinets, Bath And Kitchen Remodeling Services In Massachusetts And Surrounding Towns.

    Limited Time Only – While Supply Last.

    Price Per Square Foot Includes: Design Template, Fabrication and Installation| Pencil Edge |Faucet Holes

    Minimum Purchase of 40-48 sq. Required depending on slab size. (Please call for prices for an accurate quote)

    $225.00 Sink Cut-Out Fee not included.

    Removal Or Disposal Services Charge & Delivery Charge (May Apply)

    Only For Limited Time. May Added Additional charges due to each need.

    (Price may change without notice)

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    Best Quality Countertops, Vanity Tops, Sinks & RTA Or Custom Cabinets.

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    LIMITED TIME ONLY Free Double or Large Single Sink a $225 Value!
    60+ sqft kitchen minimum

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      You can expect some of the best quality and a variety selection of natural stones and quartz stone in the market.Contact us today for your free estimate and let us help you with your kitchen design!

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      Are you living in Massachusetts Ma? Want to update and give a new image to your kitchen and bathroom? Lets Remodel & Improve your Kitchen & Bathroom With Countertops,Vanity Tops,sinks and RTA Cabinets. Granite Brothers sells the best Vanity Tops, sinks, RTA Cabinets And Countertops Wholesale & Installation in Worcester Ma for the last decade. Natural stone is a indesposible building material with great function and aesthetic features for your home. Homeowners cannot go wrong with updating their countertops since the major benefit in the improvement of your home value.

      Counter tops are well known for the improvement and enhancement of your kitchen use and increasing the appeal of your kitchen cabinets. They may cost a more than your basic formica countertops, however the value is far greater and incomparable to a cheaper alternative to use in your kitchen. Most real estate professional and homeowners prefer marble and granite as well as quartz counters to other building materials even with the added cost due to the fact that you will recuperate the cost on the resale of your home.A unique characteristic of our counter-tops is the suitability and availability of the product which has massively reduce the cost for any project whether residential or commercial the usability is endless.

      Our Experts (Granite Brothers) have been working in the remodelling industry and countertops for over 15 years. We are highly experienced with full remodels and project management. This experience has given Us a massive advantage to help our clients to obtain quality Services and ensures the value of their homes.


      Granite Brothers offer the best quality Granite countertops, Marble countertops, and Quartz Countertops Design, Fabrication, and Installation in the City of Massachusetts and surrounding towns. We have years of experience in both natural stone countertops and engineered stone countertops materials like quartz, granite, quartzite, limestone, soapstone, marble and onyx. Our craftsmanship includes minimal and near-invisible seams for highest customer satisfaction. Our focus is offering premium and quality countertops at the best price offering the best value in Massachusetts. We are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our installations and workmanship!


      Granite Countertops:

      Granite stone are a natural stone product that is produced from mother nature. This material is strong and mostly used for construction projects, homes, outdoor, and facade. Home kitchen counters made from granites inherit the strength and the beautiful patterns created naturally. They are attractive and ensure to give a long lasting beauty in your kitchen or home in any space where they are installed.

      Why Choose :

      1. Beauty: These counters enhance the finish look of the space they are installed. They transform and increase the attraction of place they are being used. It is a priority to update counter and is on top of our list of materials in any construction project that will increase your home value.
      2. Durability: Durability is the hallmark of with these counter-top. They are long lasting and makes the usability of your kitchen a lot better. Stone has gone through the test of time and will last in the test of time.
      3. Returns on Investment: ROI on your new installed counters will add value to a property and will help increase the sale of your home increasing your buttom line. Potential homeowners usually expect updated counters and reminds on a priority list. The value of your homes with this counters installed is definitely higher.

      Marble Countertops :

      These counters , like their granite counter part, are beautiful in modern homes. They have been use in the past several centuries, marble have remained vogue and indispensable in High end homes even though they are very high maintenance.

      Why Choose :

      1. Luxury Item: This counters are exactly what you need to increase the elegance, class, and luxury to your house due to their unique features. Hence, they change the feel of the space they are installed and will give the space new life.
      2. Different Patterns and Colors: Marble counter tops are readily availabe in a large range of choices that will deliver the perfect patterns and colors to match your decor.
      3. Timeless: One of the most timeless pieces is marble slabs for your counters. Dating back to Rome marble has been a highly value natural stone, which will deliver the touch of elegance every homeowner desires.

      Quartz Countertops:

      Quartz is not built like other stone like marble and granite from mother nature. It is produced by engineer using stone reminisce and resin. It comprises of more than 90 percent normal quartz resin. The quartz resin is blended with other material to add colors and patterns to create the attractiveness of this man made stone. This eye-catching countertop that can come in several unique colors that imitate natural stone. They can be installed in your kitchen countertops or bathroom vanities. The popularity in Quartz countertop in Massachusetts is increasing because quartz works well in the new England market. If you want to increase the value in your kitchen, quartz countertops are the ideal product for its beauty, low maintenance, and flawless paterns.

      Why Choose :

      1. More Resistance: They are highly resistant to the heat and very hard to scratch compared to marble. They are safe from harm of hot pots and pan. You can put these hot pots without any restrictions on top of your counters while cooking making ideal for those who enjoy preparing meals at home.
      2. Fabolous look: This quartz kitchen gives one of the best look ever in your kitchen. Its consistant patterns and color will give it the perfect design for your kitchen. No worrys to fixtues, hairline cracks, scratches, or any imperfection because quarts counters are engineer to perfection in mind.
      3. Carefree counters: As we know that quartz countertops are reaching a new high of popularity it is becoming the new trend now in modern kitchen. These are the scratchproof, germ proof, and ecofriendly counters due to some quartz using recycle materials. They do not require the extra care natural stone requires by sealing and maintaining clean at all times. Making it the new homeowner favorite counters of all.

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      Our Main Goal is on offering Best Quality countertops at the best value in the area with a 100% satisfaction!  Contact us today to talk with a countertop expert Or To Get a Fast Free Estimate