LIMITED TIME ONLY Free Double or Large Single Sink a $225 Value!

60+ sqft kitchen minimum

    Marble Countertops Granite Brothers - Granite Brothers

    Get High-Quality Marble Countertops Direct From The Warehouse and Get Wholesale Price. Feel Free To Reach Out To Us For More Information:(508) 500-8739

    Limited Time Only – While Supply Last.

    Price Per Square Foot Includes: Design Template, Fabrication and Installation| Pencil Edge |Faucet Holes

    Minimum Purchase of 40-48 sq. Required depending on slab size. (Please call for prices for an accurate quote)

    $225.00 Sink Cut-Out Fee not included.

    Removal Or Disposal Services Charge & Delivery Charge (May Apply)

    Only For Limited Time. May Added Additional charges due to each need.

    (Price may change without notice)


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    Best Quality Countertops, Vanity Tops, Sinks & RTA Or Custom Cabinets.

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      You can expect some of the best quality and a variety selection of natural stones and quartz stone in the market.Contact us today for your free estimate and let us help you with your kitchen design!

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      Do you live in Massachusetts? Do you want to Dedesign & remodel Your kitchen & bathroom? Do you Want to Remodel & Improve your Kitchen or Bathroom With Marble Countertops? At Granite Brothers, our discount In countertops is unbeatable in value. We provide the highest quality Grade with A Counters, installation, expert craftsmanship, and we can help you from design, material selection, choosing the best options, and getting your countertops at a discount.Our high quality plus discount In countertops will amaze you.

      Our Experts (Granite Brothers) have been working in the remodelling industry and countertops for over 15 years. We are highly experienced with full remodels and project management. This experience has given Us a massive advantage to help our clients to obtain quality Services and ensures the value of their homes.


      We offer High-Quality Vanity Tops, Sinks, RTA Or Custom Cabinets & Countertops Design, Fabrication, and Installation in Massachusetts and surrounding areas. Our Experts (Granite Brothers) have more than 15 years of experience in both natural stone countertops and engineered stone countertops materials like quartz. Our high-quality craftsmanship includes our minimal and near-invisible seams. Our Main Goal is on offering Best Quality countertops at the best value with a 100% satisfaction!

      Marble Countertops

      Marble has been a trendy stone for years. In fact, white marble has been used for as long as art has been around, for sculpture because of its softness and resistance to shattering. These counters are beautiful, functional, and crucial to constructing a functional and modern building. Despite their existence and use since several centuries, counters have remained in vogue and indispensable in modern architecture and construction.


      Why Choose :

      1. Luxury Item: These counters are perfect items to add elegance, class, and luxury to any space due to their flawless and sleek features. Hence, they transform the feel and ambience of the space they are installed.
      2. Different Patterns and Colors: Countertops are available in a broad range of patterns and colours and can complement any theme, style or colour.
      3. Resistance: Countertops have high resistance to heat, and that explains why they are commonly used as kitchen counters, and fireplace surrounds- they remain beautiful and functional despite the heat.

      Benefits Of Countertops


      You can discover significant decisions in like manner marble materials that can cost not as much as higher review stone, soapstone, quartz, or quartzite. Carrara marble (a dark variant with gentler veins) is a sensibly estimated common ledge material you can discover available. Some Brazilian marbles are exceptionally excellent and reasonable. Arabesque White and Arabescato Veneto are few of the cases of Brazilian marble.


      An effectively change a kitchen, restroom, or pantry into the unadulterated polish. Your selection of shades incorporates strong white, strong dark and scope of assortment hues in the rose, yellow, dim, green, white and dark. Each marble countertop is remarkable and excellent in its own right.

      Heat Resistant

      Marble can deal with warmth. Without much of a stretch place, hot things on a marble surface. Marble does not emanate warm well, so things straight from your broiler will be okay on your marble countertop. Marble won’t yellow from warm. In light of its capacity to deal with warm, marble is regularly utilized for chimney encompasses. Still, however, you should need to utilize a heated cushion, since marble can be scratched.


      Marble is ordinarily antimicrobial. Organisms don’t care for living on marble. If you need to include extra microbial cleaning, you can utilize a light blend of antimicrobial cleanser.


      if your kitchen needs something beyond a rectangle piece, this is the place marble’s delicate quality turns into leeway. Marble is less demanding to cut into odd shapes and can be equipped with favour edges.

      Tough and Durable

      Marble is rock-hard, literally. When properly installed, it will be the last countertop you ever need. If you replace it down the road, it will be because you want to and not because you have to. It resists chipping, scratching and cracking. Because of their hardness, marble counters are also heat resistant. If you do manage to chip or crack it, it is a relatively easy thing to fix, depending on the severity of the damage. While it’s not recommended, if you occasionally set a hot pan or tray directly on the countertop, it won’t damage it the way it would laminate, wood and other softer materials.


      Easy Cleaning/Low Maintenance

      The marble counters must be properly sealed, and that’s why it’s a great idea to have an experienced professional do the installation. But when sealed according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, the marble countertop will resist staining and bacteria. You can also seal them yourself. This makes cleanup easy using soap and water, or with a?cleaner designed for your marble. Get to spilled juice quickly which you should do with any countertop material? And you’ll enjoy a stain-free counter surface that looks like new for decades.

      Increase Peoperty Value

      New marble countertops make your home more valuable as well as more attractive. The return on your investment can be as high as 100%. Does that mean they’ll potentially increase your home’s market value by the amount you spend on them?
      Here?s another way to look at it. If potential buyers are looking at two homes and your home has marble countertops while the other one doesn’t, that could be the deciding factor.

      Stunning Beauty

      This is why you are considering them, right? Despite their other qualities, what stands out about marble counters are their gorgeous appearance. The natural appeal of the stone, with its textured, gently-hued beauty, is unsurpassed by almost any other material.



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      Our Main Goal is on offering Best Quality countertops at the best value in the area with a 100% satisfaction!  Contact us today to talk with a countertop expert Or To Get a Fast Free Estimate