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    Limited Time Only – While Supply Last.

    Price Per Square Foot Includes: Design Template, Fabrication and Installation| Pencil Edge |Faucet Holes

    Minimum Purchase of 40-48 sq. Required depending on slab size. (Please call for prices for an accurate quote)

    $225.00 Sink Cut-Out Fee not included.

    Removal Or Disposal Services Charge & Delivery Charge (May Apply)

    Only For Limited Time. May Added Additional charges due to each need.

    (Price may change without notice)



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      You can expect some of the best quality and a variety selection of natural stones and quartz stone in the market.Contact us today for your free estimate and let us help you with your kitchen design!

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      Do you live in Millbury Ma? Do you Want to Remodel & Improve your Kitchen or Bathroom With Granite Countertops In Millbury Ma? At Granite Brothers, our discount In countertops is unbeatable in value. We provide the highest quality Grade with A Counters, installation, expert craftsmanship, and we can help you from design, material selection, choosing the best options, and getting your countertops at a discount in Millbury.Our high quality plus discount In countertops will amaze you.

      Our Experts (Granite Brothers) have been working in the remodelling industry and countertops for over 15 years. We are highly experienced with full remodels and project management. This experience has given Us a massive advantage to help our clients to obtain quality Services and ensures the value of their homes.


      We offer High-Quality Vanity Tops, Sinks, RTA Or Custom Cabinets & Countertops Design, Fabrication, and Installation in Millbury and surrounding areas. Our Experts (Granite Brothers) have more than 15 years of experience in both natural stone countertops and engineered stone countertops materials like quartz. Our high-quality craftsmanship includes our minimal and near-invisible seams. Our Main Goal is on offering Best Quality countertops at the best value with a 100% satisfaction!


      Granite Countertops

      Those are a natural stone product of igneous rock comprising mica, feldspar and little component of quartz. They are durable and mostly used for construction projects. These counters made from granites inherit the strength of granites. They are attractive and ensure the longevity of the use of the space where they are installed.


      Why Choose :

      1. Beauty: These countertops enhance the aesthetics of the space they are installed. They transform the space into an attraction spot. Owning to their beauty, they are on the priority list of materials in any construction project.
      2. Durability: Durability is the hallmark of this countertop. They last for a long time and stay in the top functional and attractive state irrespective of how long they have been installed.
      3. Returns on Investment: Add value to a property and increase the resale value. Potential homebuyers usually place more importance on homes with these counters installed.


      Benefits Of Countertops

      Why Should You Buy Granite Countertops?

      If you are anticipating to remodel your kitchen & bathroom or purchase new counters, at that point, we will offer Granite Countertops as your top choice. A home kitchen ideally ought to be the primary area to use Granite. However, it can be used in bathrooms, fireplaces, and outdoor as well. It’s likely to stand out amongst most building material used in older homes compared to Formica. It is highly accessible today, and natural stones will keep on being a timeless piece amongst the most prominent counters available for a considerable length of time to come.

      Why Are Granite Countertops So Mainstream?

      To answer that question isn’t as simple as a basic answer. There are numerous reasons why natural stone is the top-rated counters In this industry. We will answer that inquiry by giving you a few ideas to motivate you when purchasing your new Granite for your kitchen & bathroom.

      Granite Counter is one of the hardest natural materials on earth, which makes it sturdy and ideal for your kitchen & bathroom. It can go for a considerable length of time and decades and still, it would resemble a new piece with proper maintenance. It is scratch safe and opposes chipping and breaking as well from the most common kitchen task. You can even set hot pots on top, for it is highly heat resistant. Regardless of whether it gets a small split or fissure, its imperfection is beautiful and is moderately simple to repair small holes and cracks.

      Natural Stone Is Elegant

      In this time, everybody is attempting to make strides toward environmental friendliness. Since stone is made totally of natural material, you won’t just give another look to your kitchen; however, you will likewise contribute towards using a natural product. This is another reason you ought to be pleased to pick stone as kitchen & bathroom countertops. Granite stone can be manufactured into any shape or form when done by the highly skilled installers and fabricators. It can have bends, squares, curves, 90 or 45-degree points, and ovals. This gives you the opportunity for your kitchen to have an exact fit counter based on your cabinet layout.


      Natural Counter Builds Value Of Your Home

      A house with an updated granite counter in the kitchen & bathroom is highly favourable amongst today’s home buyers. Discuss with any local realtor, and you will know the distinction in the sale price of a home with Granite and house without it. Granite will last longer than wood or Formica material and increase your home value. Plus, the added exotic look and the vast assortment of natural coloured stone will be a delight for any kitchen & bathroom update.


      Kitchen Countertops And Granite

      This is the best explanation for everybody to purchase Granite as a preferred countertop. They look incredible in any kitchen or bathroom and come in such vast numbers of assortments that it is tough to pick one that doesn’t match your needs. The majority of homeowners are astonished by the options when they first come down to a fabricator and installer. Significantly Granite Brothers offer the most choices than any other fabricator in Massachusetts. Granite is durable, simple to keep up, high heat resistance, and they look excellent on a kitchen remodel. If you are searching for the best New England Granite Countertops, come down to Granite Brothers and see with your own eyes all the options we offer.


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